For over seventy years, Garr Tool Company has committed to manufacturing the highest quality carbide cutting tools possible, offering competitive prices and providing unequaled customer service.
Our 180,000 square foot facility contains clean, efficient production space and houses state-of-the-art CNC grinding equipment run by conscientious operators. We have dedicated 45,000 square feet of our manufacturing center to the production of solid carbide drills. We have also partnered with Oerlikon Balzers Coating USA to house a coating operations center in our facility. We will continue investing in new technology to meet the future needs of our customers.
1. DRILLS                                                                      6. ENDMILLS - STUB LENGTH
2. DRILLS - HIGH PERFORMANCE                                    7. ENDMILLS - STANDARD LENGTH
3. DRILL MILLS                                                               8. ENDMILLS - EXTRA LENGTH
4. REAMERS                                                                  9. TECHNICAL INFORMATION
5. ROTARY FILES                                                          
6. ENDMILLS- HIGH PERFORMANCE                                        


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